STEELeMART.COM Auction Schedule "May-17"

Product Auction  Date Start Time First Lot Ends at Qty  Uploaded Where to see the Auction Schedule
MS Scrap - Tarapur26-May-1710.00 AM11.00 AM50t.YesSecondary Products
PPGI/PPGL Coil/Sheet (Delhi/Kanpur/Noida/Ludhiana/Cochin/Hyderabad)26-May-1711.00 AM12.00 PM450t.YesGI Products
HR/HRMS/HR Coil (Torangallu/Branch) 27-May-1710.30 AM11.30 AM.NoHR Upstream
CRCA Coil/Sheet/CTL/CR Full Hard Coil/HRP Coil Sheet (Torangallu)  27-May-1710.30 AM11.30 AM.NoCR Products
GP Coil/ Galvanised Coil - Torangallu27-May-172.00 PM3.00 PM.NoGP Products
As Cast & Rolled Products(Seller : JSW Steel Ltd. - Salem Works 27-May-1711.00 AM12.00 PM700t.YesLong Products-JSW
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Note:Bidders are requested to regularly check the "Auction Schedule" to make note of any changes in the schedule.