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Who should use SteeleMart & what products does it offer?
SteeleMart is open for the entire steel industry including Steel manufacturers, service centers, fabricators, OEM's, steel traders and international trading companies. SteeleMart currently supports Prime and Secondary Flat Steel products including Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Galvanised Iron ,other Coated products etc. SteeleMart also has plans to add Longs in the near future to the trading platform.
What are the services that SteeleMart offers?
SteeleMart offers a robust, rich online trading experience to its clients through its customized trading modules like the versatile Auction , e Merchant & Reverse Auction modules. It also acts as a comprehensive resource of current business news, regulatory information and all that impacts the steel business.
Does SteeleMart have any security safeguards?
SteeleMart provides an absolutely safe, secure and transparent trading environment. All SteeleMart transactions between the buyer & the seller are strictly private and confidential.
Is anonymity maintained while bidding or procuring?
All trading activities will be kept anonymous until the deal is closed online. This applies to both buyers and sellers of online trading and online procurement so as to safeguard their right of confidentiality.
How do I get registered?
To become a registered member of SteeleMart, potential buyers & sellers have to complete a membership form which is available on the SteeleMart website on the New User registration link . You may also call us at our landline Nos. + 91 – 22- 24917902  
What are the benefits that a registered member can get?
By becoming a registered member you can view the live trading event & price movement of the auctions along with a brief summary of the lots on sale. You also have an access to a host of other services like news on the steel industry, steel calculator etc.
Can a registered member trade (buy/ sell) on SteeleMart?
To trade (buy/ sell) on SteeleMart the registered member requires a Trade ID, which is provided by SteeleMart .To get a Trade ID mail us at Alternatively you may also call us at our landline Nos. + 91 – 22- 24917925 /926 / 927  
Are there any fees to Trade on SteeleMart?
Only those members who want a Trade ID are required to pay a fee of Rs. 2500/- cheque / DD to be drawn in favor of Sapphire Technologies Ltd.
As a Buyer, how will I be informed about a Trading event?
Trading events on SteeleMart are well planned & their dates are put up on the web-site in the Auction Schedule chart one month in advance. This Auction Schedule chart can be viewed 24 X 7 on A special space has also been provided on the home page wherein the details of the auctions which are going to be conducted for that day are displayed. We also have SMS facility to keep our buyers updated of upcoming auctions.
What is a SteeleMart Auction?
A seller initiated auction in which a seller invites bids from multiple buyers. This price increases as the buyers compete for the material with the highest bid normally considered as the winner. There are different variants of Auction module viz., Standard, Regional and Discovery to cater to the individual needs of our clients. The Standard Auction is a global auction with results displayed instantaneously after the expiry of the lot time. The Regional Auction module permits sale of material in seller-defined regions & also displays the results online. In contrast to the Standard & Regional Auctions, the Discovery Auction module helps the seller discover highest prices both globally & region- specific
What is Reverse Auction on SteeleMart?
A buyer- initiated auction in which a buyer invites bids from multiple sellers. The price decreases as sellers compete for the buyer's business and the seller with the lowest bid is awarded the contract online/ at a later date.
What is e Merchant?
The seller offers products online with Product Specifications & Price List. The buyer places an order on seller from this online catalogue

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